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Stream Reward System

If you need help our MODERATORS and other community members are always around to answer questions in chat.

1. To be eligible for the 5 minutes random drops onto the WEEKLY wheel you need to have been recently active within 15 minutes in chat.

2. Extra DAILY chances can be obtained by typing in relevant commands for first kill no damage taken: !ez, pistol headshot: !phs, 2 headshot within the first 2 kills: !2hs, 3 kills: !3k, 4 kills: !4k, 5 kills: !ace. subscribers also earn double tickets on commands. Commands must be typed within a few seconds of the frags occurring on stream, if you are delayed refresh your stream.

3. Drop's can be triggered manually by streamer at any time.

4. Weekly, Daily, Events and Chances can be manipulated by YEET POINTS (not YEET COINS) from the community find your YEET POINTS at the bottom of the stream chat, it is the channel points system Twitch provides.

TIP: Type !b in chat to see your current drop chance rate and how much Y₵ you have. You can also enable the PixelPanel which can be found in the information section under the stream.

DAILY Wheel Chances

This wheel is reset at the start of every stream. This is the chances you have to be picked to go onto the weekly wheel every 5 minutes or whenever streamer triggers random pick feature.

Viewer NameDaily Ticket Count
cyrus_tiger60 Chances
Torisdoink60 Chances
KronyK_ND75 Chances
BongzyOfficial75 Chances
Zacjac75 Chances
AnthonyStevens75 Chances
frAIMed75 Chances
king_botato75 Chances
o3n3d75 Chances
Kikzty75 Chances

WEEKLY Wheel Chances

💰 Next Steam Card Prize A$10 🤑

Every Sunday we will draw this weekly wheel to pick the next winner to receive a digital steam gift card prize, rewards are always paid 7 days after the winner is drawn & it is solely the responsibility of the winner to advise us they would like to claim this prize.

Our Most Recent Winner sprigganz winning A$10!

Viewer NameWeekly Ticket Count
CraZySkull41 Chances
ez4jerry1 Chances
LOY80Y2 Chances
frAIMed2 Chances
RadiationO2 Chances
dziiSG2 Chances
tomoau2 Chances
panahc2 Chances
yourrighthandsays3 Chances
m3troplex4 Chances
AnthonyStevens4 Chances
QuantumInfinite6 Chances
kt_sa7 Chances
BongzyOfficial8 Chances
cyrus_tiger9 Chances
KronyK_ND10 Chances
kikzty11 Chances
hypnoo01711 Chances
Awesomekung12 Chances
Sprigganz12 Chances
Frego9212 Chances
Zacjac15 Chances
o3n3d16 Chances
Torisdoink25 Chances
king_botato33 Chances