welcome to SIVA CLUB!

the start of a better cs:go experience

Hey thanks for checking out SIVA Club. My gamer tag is aLVINd, I'm 30 years of age and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll find that I mostly play CS:GO; The highest rank I’ve ever achieved is LEM in 2018 and Rank 7 on Faceit. I recently decided to change the type of content I stream, focusing on entertaining yet competitive matchmaking in silver/nova with the hope of presenting non-toxic CS:GO to low level players.

I decided to start SIVA with NemiTheDragon, IGotChuSuckaa & SableMKII after better understanding the barriers that low to medium rank players face when playing CS:GO, the biggest being toxic behaviour. Join SIVA, contribute your thoughts and help develop a great community with us.

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SIVA is a club for those who are playing CS:GO at a low to medium rank, for competitive yet fun gameplay. The club is designed so that a steam group of verified members can host lobby’s on official matchmaking servers to enter a competitive match. There are some rules and those who break them will be removed from the steam group thus keeping our community clean.

how does it work?

Quite simple actually! You introduce yourself on our twitch stream, tell us a little about yourself and mention that you would like to join SIVA. All members get a chance into the steam group and at some point, you will be given a chance to lobby into one of our matches. All in-game comms are disabled, and the use of discord is required allowing us to manage the content in-game.

what is a verified player?

In short, a verified player is a member who has been around for a long time and proven they are a leader and can host lobbies for SIVA members to join. They have the responsibility to execute the clubs code of conduct during all matches and ban/moderate as per our rules. Verified players are often of a higher than average rank and should contribute regularly to the club.

Basic Rules

Must have a prime account with a clear VAC history, low trust factor is allowed “in most cases” & you need to be within the Oceanic region.
You must have a clear microphone, with non verified players required to have PTT turned on.
You must turn off in-game comms using voice_enable 0 in console when playing with other SIVA members in a 5 stack.
Only verified players or management can host SIVA MM matches, games not operated under this condition are not subject to SIVA rules/protection.
Management decisions are final, you can appeal a ban and we will review it once per 3 months.