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CS:GO Live KDA & Bomb Timer Animation for OBS

This is used as a BrowserSource in your OBS, it uses nothing but Javascript some DHTML and an endpoint I've developed in PHP that collects information from the official steam gamestate API. It uses exactly the same methods like how esports casting overlays (ESL, IEM, Starladder, MLG etc) show all the players live cameras, in-game stats and individual player stats and bomb timer countdown animations.

This is a project I started myself since 2014 and have been using it on my own Partnered Twitch channel You can use it too, if you are a Tier 1 subscriber on my channel, your proceeds go towards costs of the keeping the end point hosted and ongoing development.

What Can I Show On Stream?

Currently there are a few stable releases of features and some in testing below;

  • KDA and MVP Counters - Stable Release
  • Animated Bomb Timer - Stable Release
  • Animated Hit Points & Armour State - Stable Release
  • Current Ammunition & Clip Count - Beta Release
  • Frag Counter (shows frags so far in current round) - Beta Release

I am slowly working to add enough sources to add to OBS to allow you to completely redesign your CS:GO UI on stream. For example on my stream All my default HP/Armour/Ammo Clip/Kills shown on the bottom of the factory CS:GO are not visable on my stream anymore and replaced with these browser sources I made.

Here is a demo of what it looks like on stream

Color changes are available on request, we can do other customisations but it depends on the complexity. Here is a demo video;

How do I add it to my OBS?

Since April 1st 2020, we removed the ability to get accounts for free due to high demand. If you have an old ID it will still work, any new ID's will require a Twitch Subscription to my channel this is to support costs of the server and ongoing development. If you would like to support further you can do so by donating to our Twitch channel here on Streamlabs - Thank You.

To get started you will need an account which will come with a User ID and a Token you can get these by registering here once you've done this just subscribe to my channel with your Twitch account and I'll release the Token to you once confirmed.

Add your gamestate configuration file into your CS:GO CFG folder normally default at ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\ add a the gamestate configuration file this is to tell CS:GO where to post information about your currents game state.

For instructions on making your gamestate configuration file click here essentially you are just making a text file, renaming it from .txt to .cfg and placing into your CS:GO config folder. There is a optional downloadable cfg generator if you don't know how to do this.

BrowserSource URL's Below - Use these and replace with your provided ID when you get your account.

  • KDA and MVP Counters -[YOUR ID HERE]
  • Animated Bomb Timer -[YOUR ID HERE]
  • Animated Hit Points & Armour State -[YOUR ID HERE]
  • Current Ammunition & Clip Count -[YOUR ID HERE]
  • Frag Counter (shows frags so far in current round) -[YOUR ID HERE]

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