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CS:GO In Game Stats Overlay

This is a browser based add-in for your OBS (may work on other supported browser add-in streaming apps). It uses nothing but Javascript some DHTML and a endpoint I've developed in PHP that collects information from the official steam gamestate API. The addon in no way in violation of TOS/EULA and uses similar methods of those at esports casting overlays where you can see all the players live cameras & game stats on the cast stream.

Be mindful this is a small side hobby project that I use on my stream at I am allowing anyone to use it for free.

What does this overlay show?

The overlay shows basic information such as your K/D/A & MVP in larger form, it shows your current kill streak in the round, head shot percentage and round equipment value. It will also display an active bomb count down whenever the bomb has been planted in an animation format as it gets closer to detonation your viewers can see.

Here is a demo of what it looks like on stream

Basic customisation is available. This is a cropped version of the latest v3 release just showing KDA & Bomb Timer, if you prefer the basic clean crisp look. The Frag Counter is a different browser source and can easily be added separately or not at all.

Minimalist Version Available

I use white clean minimalist version below with real time KDA, bomb timer count down & HP/Amour fluid bars with frag alerts.

How do I add it to my OBS?

To get started you will need an account which will come with a User ID and a Token you can get these by applying here - it's FREE.

Version 3 stats live you live KDA, Bombtimer countdown animation, HS percentage, total equipment value purchased for yourself. To add create another BrowserSource with URL[YOUR ID HERE] if you are having trouble getting it working add &debug=1 on the end of the URL to see any error messages. Nothing will appear inside the overlay if you are not inside a competitive CS:GO match.

CS:GO Stats Overlay Config

Now finally you need to add your gamestate configuration file into your CS:GO CFG folder normally default at ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\ add a the gamestate configuration file this is to tell CS:GO where to post information about your currents game state.

For instructions on making your gamestate configuration file click here essentially you are just making a text file, renaming it from .txt to .cfg and placing into your CS:GO config folder. There is a optional downloadable cfg generator if you don't know how to do this.

Once you've added the above file, restart CS:GO and if you check in your console you should see something like this which confirms CS:GO has recognised your game state config and is transmitting game information to Alvin.GG endpoint.

Live CS:GO Stats Config

If you want to put your camera right over your HP/Armour on CS:GO (as seen in the below clip bottom left corner) you could use my fluid bar as well. It shows HP of currently selected player and if they have kevlar / helmet similar design from ESL Cast Overlay. To use this add another BrowserSource with this URL[YOUR ID HERE]

If you want the frag counter seen in some of the videos use this URL in another BrowserSource[YOUR ID HERE]

Enjoy! Please don't forget to retweet my post about this add-on so others can use it which will help keep this running for years to come.