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The life of a Twitch streamer and regular gamer is filled with rigorous computer time and demanding scheduling to build a community. Over time, this can result in problems unseen and unnoticed.

Here is a very short version of our story for the past 8 years.

We started streaming in early 2012 originally when was still around. Their gaming category which soon became very popular lead to the public launch of to which we switched to.

At the time we were broadcasting DOTA 2 content, our organisation became the first in Australia and New Zealand to sign a contract for profit with Valve Corporation which included our tournament content inside their game client and by 2014 our organisation Defense of the Australians unfortunately came to an end.

Since then we made a change to deliver Counter Strike content on our channel and started getting into the mass of virtual skin gambling and trading. We acquired a sponsorship with SkinJoker shortly after and this lasted until the big wave of change on Twitch where skin gambling was banned as streaming content on the platform.

We took a break for a few months and in late 2018 we returned, since then the plan was to eventually leave streaming but every time, we tried we always end up hitting that go live button and the cycle restarts.

We have come to realise that gaming and streaming are certainly part of our family and 2020 brings some new goals, less gaming content and more of that staying healthy and living life content. We want to share what we have earned and learned over the last decade in both esports and how it is to be living your life, raising a family, and streaming all part of our day to day life.

Many have come, many have gone, some are still around and for every single viewer/subscriber who spent any portion their own time getting to know us or have donated money to support us, thank you for your continued support.

Cheers to 2020, the world is not the same as it was before – so we are making changes too and you’ll see them slowly come into effect both on our channel and on our website over the next few months.

- Alvin, Sable, Nemi + The Kids!