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Get live CS:GO stats on your stream!

Updated API Links since 10/01/2020 - Click here to find updated links to your specific overlay CS:GO addon feature.

Make your stream stand out, add real time stats from your CS:GO match on screen as an overlay in OBS;

  • ✔ Show Frag Count for the Current Round
  • ✔ Progressive Match Stats K/D/A/MVP
  • ✔ Total Equipment Value for Round
  • ✔ Overall HS percentage for Match
  • ✔ Real Time Bomb Plant Countdown Timer

You can add this overlay to your stream for FREE easily by following instructions on this page

I play CS:GO with anyone... even my 6 & 9 year old kids...

If you wanna play you just gotta be in Australia or New Zealand. Don't be afraid to ask even if I look like I'm having a stressful time, playing with others in CS is one of my favorite things about CS:GO.

CS:GO Community SIVA Club

SIVA Club is something I started as a focused matchmaking community for CS:GO in the lower to mid ranks. It focuses more on communication, friendliness and building confidence in playing CS:GO more than ranking up purely based on skill.

We aren't a clan and I just wanted to make a space where people who don't want to be toxic or want to become better team players can come together and enjoy CS:GO.